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We help our customers transform their businesses, processes, and operations, with innovative strategies aligned to the specific needs of their industry and unique organizational requirements.
Our IT consulting services can help you with higher level network projects and infrastructure design. We will aid you in stabilizing and securing your current IT environment, and work with you as you plan the future phases of your business by recommending the most appropriate strategy for your success. For long-term support, we can monitor and manage your infrastructure using our tools and our managed service.

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Exchange/Office 365 Management
  • Network & Security Assessments
  • Wireless Site Surveys


Cognizance Technology LLC is dedicated to providing the best-in-class services to IT firms in need of tech support. Our group of consummate professionals are available around the clock to answer your call and fulfil your technology needs. We stay abreast of current developments and market trends to deliver you impeccable service. With partners who are market leaders in their respective fields, we are confident of being able to meet your demands with excellence and expertise.
At the heart of every IT company, is its technology. Keeping this in mind, it is vital to have fully functional and efficient hardware. Often this detail is overlooked, resulting in output decline. With fast paced business commitments and deadlines, maintenance of servers and computers and other machinery is often neglected or postponed for higher priority projects. It is only with frequent breakdowns and server failures that the need for proper maintenance is realized. Timely and correct maintenance will keep resources in prime working condition and subsequently your business at peak productivity.


It is costly for organizations to maintain technically qualified and competent resources in each vertical. Our dedicated technical resource will be available full time on-site to run your IT operations on a daily basis. The on-site resource will have access to Cognizance’s talent pool who are technically qualified and competent in their respective areas. Support will be extended to customers on a case to case basis for expert skill based on demand. Customer benefits from expert involvement at a lower cost. We also substitute onsite resource during his leave so that customers get 12 months of uninterrupted support.

Why Us?
With an impeccable track record of IT experience for nearly 2 decades, we are dedicated in protecting your IT equipment and enabling the smooth running of your business. As part of our AMC you receive exclusive maintenance and support service provided by our IT support experts. The server, PC, hardware, router, scanner, printer, storage systems, network systems, among other IT equipment are included in the AMC.
We are dedicated to making sure that your business runs seamlessly and efficiently through constant monitoring of systems coupled with preventive and corrective action. Access to IT professionals who are available 24/7 to resolve your problems and comprehensive contracts that include replacement of faulty equipment are our other unique features.
We conduct periodic assessments of your IT resources along with remote support and monitoring to ensure that you operate efficiently. Annual maintenance done by experts helps you save on expensive repairs or replacements. You will be notified when your AMC is due for renewal, so that there are no interruptions in your business operations and customer service.