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A company’s IT infrastructure is threatened on a regular basis from natural disasters, terrorist and cyber attacks determined to impede its productivity. Cognizance provides several security services, from FiSMA related issues to Cloud Pre Assessment engagements that can address your specific situation Let Cognizance assist you to determine an effective solution without breaking your budget.

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Since its formation, Cognizance Technology L.L.C has pioneered the way in solving clients’ real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology. Extensive research and analysis of customer environments ensures the right solutions, satisfying clients by exceeding quality expectations and delivering projects on time and budget. Cognizance’s commitment to continuous IT research and development arena is invaluable and unparalleled. This increased value is the cornerstone of Cognizance’s success in delivering innovative alternatives and solutions to customers.
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Our portfolio of service offerings span across the infrastructure lifecycle of Plan-Build-Run-Monitor and includes infra consulting, data center, end user computing, enterprise networking, enterprise security, IT infrastructure operation management and transformation services.

We help our customers transform their businesses, processes, and operations, with innovative strategies aligned to the specific needs of their industry and unique organizational requirements.

Tailored security services to suit any business or person, Our ELV solutions provides organizations and industrial facilities with a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of their customers, employees and assets. 

As enterprises adopt cloud in its various forms, they need a reliable partner to help them navigate through their cloud journey, make the right investments and not get locked in with any specific vendor or technology.

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Since our formation, Cognizance Technology L.L.C. has pioneered the way in solving clients’ real world IT issues with quality of service and sound technology. Please let us know how we might be able to help you!

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